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Upgrading Altaro VM Backup

You can upgrade it , but I have created on my end a very important things you need to know Annie
1- v8 and v9 have a different technology of backups so new local and offsite copies are needed
2- The restore of the v8 backups CANNOT be done using v9, but you can install v8 any time one machine with a compatible OS to perform the restore of these old copie
3- Every Host where you have an Altaro installation need .NET 4.8
4. The v8 license has to be upgarded to v9, then it can used just in v9
5 So before doing all of this, if you are going to use the same storage for the backups, best to run the retention and the optimization toll in v8 to delete some copies:

Use the “Delete Backup Versions” tool – https://help.altaro.com/hc/en-us/articles/4416905870865-
After that, you need to run the RDF Optimization tool – https://help.altaro.com/hc/en-us/articles/4416899892369

My advise here , is to clean all the space you could in v8, and carry on with the most important backups before doing the jump to v9

That being said, I have added all the information to let you know all the scenario, more information about v9 and the upgrade here:


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Anne Ngo
E-mail address:
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Darko 09:08 AM
Hi Anne Ngo. How can I help?
Anne Ngo 09:08 AM
Hi, I was talking to victor but got disconnected…
Darko 09:08 AM
let me check real quick
You have been transferred to: Victor
Victor 09:09 AM
Hello again
Anne Ngo 09:09 AM
Hi again!
Victor 09:09 AM
Anne Ngo 09:09 AM
I went to account settings and it logged me out

Here’s Manage Your Profile and you can see I changed the email here

Victor 09:11 AM
ok and did you change it from there or it was already with the email backups@digital-info.com
Anne Ngo 09:12 AM
the login and email there was support@digital-info.com. I changed it to backups@ and it logged me out. I logged back in with backups@, but notifications still have support@
Victor 09:12 AM
Ok, please bear with me
Please try change it from here

Anne Ngo 09:17 AM
Excellent! You’re a genius 🙂
Victor 09:18 AM
well so so:) it was not easy to find it
Anne Ngo 09:18 AM
well now it seems obvious, but when you don’t see it…
Victor 09:18 AM
Anne Ngo 09:19 AM
Hey, I have a notification that there’s an update to v8. Any reason why I shouldn’t update?
Victor 09:19 AM
to v8 or to v9?
Anne Ngo 09:19 AM

Victor 09:19 AM
aha, yeah it is the last version of the version 8
Anne Ngo 09:19 AM
8. I understand going to 9 will be a lot of work, having to re-do all the backups 🙁
Victor 09:20 AM
yes, so feel free to update to 8.29
as it was the last version for Version 8
let share with you the setup file, if you want to do it manually https://www.altaro.com/vm-backup/download_v8.php
Anne Ngo 09:20 AM

Is this going to go to all the machines and update the software there?
Victor 09:21 AM
let me check 1 thing before that, yeah all the settings would be the same
1 sec
ok, so you can update to version 8.29 if you wish, as since 8.24.5 (this build and newer require .NET 4.7.2 or higher)
and you have higer ones, so you do not need to be worried
the only thing, you might do manually is to deploy the Hyper V hosts directly from the UI ( host tab) if needed after the upgrade to version 8.29
more than this, I cannot see any further incovenients Anne
Anne Ngo 09:24 AM
OK… One client when I go to the machine it says version, but here in the installation upgrade wizard it says it’s (ROW-HOST-2019)
Victor 09:25 AM
can you send me a full screenshot of this?
Anne Ngo 09:26 AM

Victor 09:27 AM
Ok, I did not see that, about the 8.6 ( do not upgrade it yet)
for this Host, IMPORTANT: the new versions of v8, requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher in order to be installed and TLS 1.2 enabled. Best way to check the environment before upgrading is with this tool – please download this file https://downloads.altaro.com/AltaroTLSTool_v1.1.ps1 – once it would be completed the setup-right click and run in Powershell, ( .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher) – if not this would help you out to know what you should upgrade or enable https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework .net usually requires a reboot too and we do not push it ourselves
Therefore, once you will check the above for the Host with 8.6, please update it 8.29
Anne Ngo 09:29 AM
But why do you think the CMC has the wrong version?
Apex Instruments shows 8.6 in the CMC, but Right of Way shows 8.24, even though on the host it’s v6
Victor 09:31 AM
Please RDp here

and send me a full screenshot of the Host Tab for example ( a full one included the Altaro version ” that it is bellow the get help tab)
Anne Ngo 09:32 AM
I’m looking at Right of Way, not Apex. The screenshot you have is of Apex
Victor 09:33 AM
Ok so indeed it is Altaro v6, which is not supported
Anne Ngo 09:34 AM

Victor 09:35 AM
Yes, basically this is a bug of CMC as when v6 has released we did not have CMC or another application to link to it to CMC
Not sure why this Host appears there
If you want to upgrade this Host to v8, first of all it needs a license for v8 , and best to contact with Sales to discuss this point, to see if the license for this Host is eligible for version 8: altarosales@hornetsecurity.com
Anne Ngo 09:37 AM
OK, thanks for all your help!
Victor 09:37 AM
You are more than welcome! Come back if you need further assistance please

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