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You can only sftp with the username of your cpanel account (eg mspadmin), so there’s only one sftp user per account. password is the cpanel password. takes you to /home/mspadmin.

cpanel / ssh access / manage / generate new / (click manage by what you just created) / authorize
download private key, save as ppk, passcode is username when logged into wordpress (eg dis-admin-xxx). may need passcode when you load.

sftp://nsilabsolutions.com / mspadmin / xx / 2200 / quickconnect.

note most servers use port 22, kh is 2200.


if local tool keeps prompting for key, generate the key locally without a passphrase, then import the public key into cpanel. be sure to manage/authorize it.


cpanel uses pure ftp, which defaults to limit read files to 10,000 (still exists on server but can’t file compare (like NSI). If need > 10,000, either use SFTP or increase file limit:

How to Increase FTP Visible File Limits on PureFTP

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