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Can’t add site to managewp after cloning
phpmyadmin / wp_options / search / option_name / (select from dropdown LIKE %…%) / value mwp / go

completely delete our Worker plugin
– clear website cache (this is a very important step)
– delete the “leftovers”
– reinstall Worker
– try reconnecting the website after that using the Worker’s connection key.

Judging from this it seems that there are some problems with the Worker plugin session data stored in your database.

Can you please try to delete the ‘leftovers’ from the previous connection sessions? To resolve this, would you please try to uninstall the Worker plugin, and check your _options table via phpMyAdmin for any leftover data? You should remove all entries that start with mwp_ from the wp_options table. Then the site should be able to reconnect.

Example of the tables:

Here is how to be certain that you got them all, use the Search option and in the option_name category, you should select LIKE %…% from the dropdown that filters out the search results and that should help you locate all of the tables with mwp_ in them:


phpmyadmin / wp_options / search / option_name / (operator LIKE %…%) (value mwp) / go

remove all entries starting with mwp_
(check all and delete)


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