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Beyond Compare

used at NSI to sync files from local server to website
since it’s automated and don’t want to enter passphrase, have to generate via profiles/login/create keys. use private one for local server and public one on server (be sure to authorize)


set up sftp (check out sftp kb for key etc): Tools/Profiles / sftp / 2200 / mspadmin (since sftp) / pw /save pw / private key (make sure converted to ppk with passphrase dis-admin-xxx)

then use that for a session. Note that nothing really happens in interactive beyond compare until you say Sync Now. it’s just loading files from both places until you say sync.

BCompare.exe @”C:\MyFolder\MyScript.txt” “My Session”

scripting: Go to Beyond Compare app / Help / scripts
will only run one copy at a time. If run 2nd, will end first

BCompare.exe “@C:\MyScript.txt” -or-
BCompare.exe “MySession” -or-
BCompare.exe “Update: DIS-COA”

# and blank lines comment
& continues long line
% pass parms
# options: /closescript, /leftreadonly, /readonly, /readrightonly, /silent
load “%” # loads 1st parm, or “My Session”

# Turn logging on
log normal “E:\Network_Shares\DIS-TEST\DIS-Sync-COA.log”
# Set comparison criteria
criteria timestamp size
# Exclude certain file types
# filter “-*.*~”
# Load the base folders
load “My Session”

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